Document Management

Document Management Software

Streamline your business processes with powerful information management software from Automated Business Machines. Our solutions help keep you focused on business critical challenges by creating an efficient document, information and workflow management environment.

  • Easily store documents
  • Retrieve documents quickly
  • Efficiently collaborate with peers
  • Securely store information
  • Capture documents
  • Create automated workflows

At Automated Business Machines we can work together to build you a solution that can increase productivity and decrease your operating costs.

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Accounts Payable

Monthly Invoices
Export invoices directly from ERP system and email directly to customers; get alerts for unpaid invoices.


Order Tracking
Track everything from the customer order, to the invoice, payment and receipt.


Student Tracking
Track grades, late notices, and create reports. You can also set up a parent portal to view student documents.


Arrest Records
Securely search, retrieve and file arrest records for each city police case.


Healthcare Records
Secure healthcare files and records for patients with Therefore™ integration.

Human Resources

Onboarding Employees
Streamline the onboarding process and file set up for each employee.


File, store and streamline the claim process for clients, agents and customers.


Client Intake
Create a checklist, with process workflow for new clients. The case will link to all matters related to the client going forward.


Track customer warranties and set up customer auto alerts for the expiration date.

Our Featured Document Management Solution
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