Direct Mail
Offer your customers more creativity with direct mail campaigns that will stand out using digital printing.


Direct mail offers a sense of touch and direct contact with the end consumer that cannot be replicated online. Incorporate personalized text and images into your direct mail campaigns and integrate into your multichannel communications mix for maximum response rates. Print in variable run lengths from small to millions. You can now do it all with customized digital print solutions from Automated Business Machines.

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Convergence of Transactional and Promotional Messages and Documents

Transpromo lets you turn documents such as bills, statements, and purchase orders into attention-grabbing, marketing tools. These combined communications reinforce branding and focus attention because customers typically take more notice of bills than ads.

Transpromo allows you to avoid the swamp effect of classic mass mailings because you have an all-in-one document instead of a separate promotional flyer. Also, in times of economic uncertainty, optimizing your communications by increased usage of Transpromo can mean reducing your operating expenditures and increased customer retention.

Use Postcards as Invitations and Promotions

Postcards are a fast, easy, cost-effective way to get attention and boost sales. They work as invitations to special events, appointment reminders, customer thank yous, coupon carriers, trade show handouts, and other promotional items. They can be produced in attention-getting large sizes, with full color, in variable quantities and with fast turnaround.

When it comes to postcards, print technology has already reached the new frontier of interactive technology, too. Today, businesses such as local contractors want to use Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled postcards to publicize promotions specific to neighborhoods within a certain radius. What could be more targeted than the neighbors of current customers? Touching a smartphone to the NFC decal opens up photos, video, or a coupon.

Custom Forms Go To Work

Every business needs forms to do business: statements and invoices, packing slips, purchase orders, contracts, receipt pads, HR documents, legal documents, tax forms, note pads, and labels. Day-to-day operations require professional forms that reinforce corporate identity. Canon Solutions America makes it possible to eliminate inventories of preprinted forms and print business forms on demand. You can accept a greater variety of complex jobs including Explanation of Benefits (EOB), checks, duplex multi-part carbonless forms, and Mylar tabs. You can offer sequential numbering, drilling, perforating, nonstandard paper sequence and other options. Rely on high volume and excellent front-to-back registration, with the flexibility you need to meet your customers․ requirements in black-and-white or color with offset-like quality. Look to Canon Solutions America for the resources and support to develop multiple revenue streams in production printing for basic business needs.

Customize Catalog Content

The thick product catalogs that used to arrive in consumers․ mailboxes have seen their last days. But print catalogs are not gone; they’ve been slimmed down. These mini catalogs often exceed the results of their heavier predecessors, and customers like that they use less paper.

Companies are also resizing catalogs to serve customization, using variable data printing. Today, both consumer and business marketers can target customers with smaller catalogs customized exclusively for them — even for an audience of one. With the one-size-fits-all concept no longer operating, companies can give their reps and dealers the ability to produce custom catalogs versioned for their customers. These smaller, targeted print catalogs are a good fit for mobile users and can use QR codes to drive sales right over their smart phones.

Catalogs are still the major prospecting tool for most merchants, and they use them for branding as well as for selling products.