Government agencies can leverage proven technologies to increase efficiency,
manage resources, and provide high quality services to the communities they serve.


Government organizations strive to deliver necessary services to their constituents; however, they are confronted with growing challenges. They must ensure the security of various confidential information and data. They must also satisfy standard compliance regulations and accessibility requirements must also create while providing a cost-effective, productive, and efficient government. Automated Business Machines offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions to help agencies meet these challenges.

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Work More Productively and Efficiently

With increased responsibilities and requirements, agencies look for ways to streamline manual, multi-step processes, while ensuring document security. Automated Business Machines can help automate document workflows, enabling organizations to produce more with fewer resources.

One key priority for government agencies today is securing and protecting confidential data. To be successful, you must not only safeguard facilities and networks, but you must also restrict access to devices and protect information on hard drives.

Our Document Distribution solutions, allow you to control and restrict access to critical office functions, (copying, faxing, scanning, and printing) and archived documents. This is critical to reduce the risk of information getting in the wrong hands (for example, contractors and non-employees in your agency). Our solutions also help with Section 508 accessibility standards and compliance to ensure staff members with disabilities have easy access to all devices.

Automated Business Machines can help government personnel to assemble complex reports quickly and correctly. Our universal design approach integrates all customer needs first.

Control Access to Devices Throughout Your Organization

Automated Business Machines’s products and solutions address the complex security requirements of both the government and private sectors. In the past, agencies invested heavily to protect networks and facilities, but often hard-copy workflow and networked multifunction printers (MFPs) were left vulnerable. A vast amount of data is produced, processed, and stored on these MFPs, making them critical assets that must be protected and secured.

Automated Business Machines addresses information security in our hardware and software. Data security is intended to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of such critical information. It is paramount that the information it is not altered accidentally or maliciously. Our solutions are designed to maintain confidentiality while giving approved users the appropriate data accessibility they need.

Safeguard Documents and Data

Government agencies create and store a multitude of documents with information that must be kept confidential and secure. Too often, documents that are protected on computers are often exposed by being left in printers for anyone to see. Because paper is still the main medium in many organizations, Automated Business Machines provides secure printing solutions that require user authentication at the device. Hidden watermarks discourage unauthorized use. Your office staff has the option to hold jobs at the server until individuals provide identification to retrieve output. You can also confirm fax destinations so that information is never sent to the wrong recipient. All those solutions help you restrict unauthorized access to data.

In addition, we offer you higher levels of protection with Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) certification. Data encryption adds another layer of security. Another option is continuously overwriting data that you erase from a hard drive.

Control Costs by Managing Usage

We can help boost productivity and give you greater control over printing and copying costs by influencing employee behavior, preventing wasteful activity, and managing device usage. One solution is consolidating fax machines by designating an MFP as a central fax distribution service. This lets you save the cost of adding fax lines while providing instant faxing for anyone who needs it.

Detailed reports let your IT manager determine where scan, copy, print, e-mail, and fax activities are occurring and identify where costs are highest. You can redirect jobs to less expensive devices and institute chargebacks. You can control access to MFPs for each user. Your IT manager can limit color printing, force duplex printing, avoid releasing unclaimed print requests, and even require management authorization for certain jobs. We also offer both built-in and optional cost containment solutions that can help you save paper, energy, and toner.

Boost Sustainability and Environmentally Conscious Behavior

Government organizations can better achieve their sustainability goals by using environmentally friendly materials and products. At Automated Business Machines, we aim to meet and exceed existing environmental standards. To help you conserve energy, Canon strives to make the lightest and smallest products in their category to reduce transportation costs. They are designed to conserve power throughout their lifecycles. More than 200 of Canon’s products have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating. Our multifunction devices have received ENERGY STAR awards for cost- and energy-saving. Printing elements heat instantly and print at lower temperatures. Printers with one-watt Sleep mode can help you conserve energy and money when they are not in use. In addition, government IT managers can ensure that their organizations spend public money wisely by saving on paper and toner. Our toner cartridges are recyclable as well.