Automated Business Machines provides a wide range of hardware and software technologies to help
manufacturers increase efficiency, protect sensitive data, control costs, streamline operations,
and get new products to market quickly.


Help Protect Intellectual Property and Secure Confidential Documents

Automated Business Machines offers a range of security solutions designed to help ensure that your printed, scanned, and stored information remains confidential. Our solutions help you control who has access to print, copy, fax, or scan important documents like blueprints, schematics, strategic plans, and supplier agreements from your MFPs. Users can be required to authenticate at the device before retrieving printouts to help safeguard this information.

Upgrade to an Efficient Operation

Our solutions enable you to organize and integrate hard-copy and electronic documents so you can find information quickly. Capture, combine, and customize documents into archives that can be easily retrieved and placed into automated workflows. With the touch of a button, multistep workflows can be simplified to execute tasks in a fast, accurate, and consistent fashion to help prevent errors, reduce waste, bolster security, and contribute toward improved supply chain performance.

Generate Visuals that Match the Scale of Your Vision

In order to effectively communicate ideas such as product concepts, storyboards, CAD drawings, plant layouts, production line changes, and facility plans, a manufacturing operation January require access to larger documents. Automated Business Machines offers innovative, large-format printing solutions designed to deliver exceptional speed, flexibility, and quality. Help expedite your approvals process by showcasing your CAD designs with large, crisp prints.

Improve Efficiency with Lean Document Processes

Lean document processes, combined with Canon’s leading edge imaging technologies, can help manufacturing professionals improve document workflows, protect confidential information, increase productivity, and reduce waste. Let Automated Business Machines revise and standardize your workflows by applying lean practices that help eliminate bottlenecks to build a faster, more efficient, cost-effective flow of information.

Weastec Therefore Customer Testimonial

Take a look at how Weastec, a global manufacturer of vehicle electronic components, implemented document management software solutions from Canon to help streamline business processes and workflows across all company departments. See how the powerful software combination of Therefore™ and IRIS helped Weastec eliminate paper, save time with expense approvals and the handling of shipping documents, as well as automate many accounts payable and receivable processes.

Controlled Motion Solutions (COMOSO) Therefore Customer Testimonial

Hear first-hand how Therefore™, an Enterprise Information Management software solution from Canon, helped to eliminate rows of filing cabinets at Controlled Motion Solutions (COMOSO) headquarters in Santa Ana, CA. See how this provider of motion and control technology systems was able to utilize existing multifunction printers and scanners to digitize large amounts of paperwork and utilize Therefore to store and retrieve documents quickly and easily, saving time and money throughout their organization.