There has never been a time in history where securing your organization has been more critical.

In today’s business climate, establishing and maintaining a well-planned security posture can play a pivotal role in your success. Risk management and threat mitigation are just two of many strategic elements of an effective security framework.

Security is Everyone's Responsibility*

Securing your organization can be a complex task. It requires professional subject matter experts, a committee of stakeholders representing different lines of business, executive leadership and an exhaustive risk assessment to determine where to strike the balance of securing business processes while maintaining productivity. Security is not a destination. It is a constant discipline of due care and due diligence over time.

*U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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How Do I Keep Pace?

The threat landscape today is broader and gets more fluid every day. An effective security policy should be measured and reevaluated regularly to ensure that the solutions and policies that are put into place can adapt to a constantly changing environment. Regular assessments of where you January be vulnerable are now table stakes.

Your Biggest Risk, or Your Best Defense?

But it is not just about technology and a team of security professionals. Training and awareness for your employees and executives is critical. Your employees can be either your biggest risk or your best defense, but they don’t know what they don’t know. One end-user response to a spearfishing email or the use of a USB drive infected with malware on your network connected devices can lead to disaster and catastrophic loss* for your organization.

*Ponemon Institute 2024 Cost of a Date Breach Study: Average Cost of a Data Breach in the U.S. in 2024 – $7.35 million

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Look to Experts for Advice and Solutions

While there is no such thing as “100% secure,” there is a short list of best practices you can put into action and experts who can help guide you along the way. Click the button below to find out how Canon Solutions America can help to unravel the complexity of getting started in establishing a cyber-safe workplace.

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