Information Security

If information is power, then secured information is your most precious asset.

No organization can afford to lose critical information to a data breach. With the right resources and security policies in place, you can take steps to help mitigate this type of risk intelligently. Protecting your most valuable commodity is a full-time endeavor and you can rely on Canon Solutions America to offer a variety of options to help you with that mission.

File Encryption

Don’t rely on reactive security to protect your valuable company data. Instead, use proactive security measures that is designed to identify at-risk data and can assist you in implementing data protection for data in transit and at rest. Leveraging encryption is a solid step toward assisting you in establishing an effective security posture.

Printed documents and scans should move around via 128-bit encrypted SSL protocol. Data at rest should be encrypted at all points of storage (from temporary through permanent state). This includes print servers and printing devices with hard drives enabled, as well as other static data repositories and ERP systems.

In today’s share and collaborate environments, encrypting the file itself, regardless of the file location, is a layer of protection that can aid you in increasing the level of security for your data both in-house and when it requires to be transported outside of the firewall.

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Access Control

One of the first steps to controlling access begins by authenticating users at the printer or MFD. This can be accomplished by, among other ways, entering a PIN code or password, or using a proximity card. Users are assigned privileges by an administrator, authorizing them to have access to certain features and functions on the device (copying, printing, scanning, faxing, etc.).

Centralized Management

A centralized management option that can help administrators: contain costs, to steps toward maintaining an effective security posture, allows for monitoring of devices and user behavior, and provides an audit platform can assist you in your efforts to comply with regulatory requirements.

Enterprise Digital Rights Management

Your need to protect confidentiality extends past the borders of your business. Another layer of protection that can help you increase the level of security for your information is encrypting the file itself, regardless of the file location. Having the ability to limit the time frame that a file is accessible, even for authorized users, as well as revoke access even after a file has left your domain could help provide you with an even higher level of protection.
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Secure Archive

IT departments can be challenged by the rate of growth and sometimes fragmented and random dispersion of data. Risks associated with unsecured archived information can be as costly as security breaches on more current enterprise information. Legal and compliance teams struggle with how to best retain, discover and supervise content in order to meet compliance requirements associated with evolving regulations. Intellectual property and other sensitive information must be balanced with the need for information access. The fundamental premise of data security provides that informational assets maintain their integrity, remain confidential, and be available.

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With Therefore™ information management solution, you can revolutionize the way information is managed throughout your organization.

uniFLOW is designed to save your organization time and money and provide business and security controls over the entire printer and multi-function (MFP) fleet.

Vera’s data security platform secures any kind of data and then tracks, audits, and manages access in real-time, no matter how far it travels or who it goes to.

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