Data security that follows your files, everywhere

Powerful Data Protection For A World With No Perimeter

Your need to protect confidential data extends past the borders of your business. Vera’s data security platform secures any kind of data – from Office files to videos and more – giving you the ability to track, audit, and manage access in real-time, no matter how far it travels. We make it effortless to securely collaborate with anyone, no matter which tools they use, including email, Box, Dropbox, or local file shares.

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What is Vera?

Secure any file, on any device

  • Secure any type of file, including Office documents, PDFs, creative content and medical images
  • Vera’s security policies travel with your data, anywhere it goes
  • Storage agnostic solution: security policies remain with your files anywhere they’re stored, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft, on-premise storage, and more

Seamless user experience

  • Vera fits into your company․s workflow without impacting the end-user experience
  • Allow your end-users to work with their favorite productivity apps while maintaining security and control over your content
  • Avoid risky end-user workarounds

Granular visibility and control

  • Revoke file access instantly from any user, device or cloud storage, even after the fact
  • Enable one-time view, disable offline access and self-destruct files anytime
  • 360° data visibility: know who and how your content is accessed, and proactively investigate unauthorized access attempts
  • Maintain control of your data through the “last mile”, when it’s downloaded from email, forwarded to unknown users or moved to an unmanaged device

Military-grade file encryption

  • Military-grade AES 256 encryption at the data level
  • Maintain data privacy: Vera never stores your data or content
  • No need to move your files to a secure storage system: Vera’s encryption travels with your content everywhere

Real-time policy enforcement

  • Change file permissions instantly, at any time
  • Apply watermarks and screenshot defenses
  • Lock or kill files, even after they’ve been sent to recipients
  • Automatically create policies for authorized users or groups using AD/SSO

Centralized control and analytics

  • Full audit trail for help with regulatory compliance
  • Granular, “Verafied” file activity and access location reports
  • Instant mapping of file location, access points and attempted hacks

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