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Optimizing Your Business Efficiencies

With the flood of data and paperwork that businesses must manage every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Konica Minolta’s technological expertise and experience in delivering world-class workflow management solutions provides you with the workflow automation software you need to control, handle, share and store your critical business documents.

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In today․s busy workplace environment, you․re looking for ways to better automate and manage your documents. Too often, important files get lost or misfiled. Employees can․t find critical content they need when they need it. And paper-based documents January include important information that can․t be easily accessed.

Our innovative workflow automation and management solutions combined with the power of our award-winning bizhub multifunction printers help you maximize your productivity and increase your business efficiencies. Whether it․s freeing up staff from having to perform redundant, time-consuming manual work, reducing costs by eliminating the need for outsourcing, or boosting productivity by speeding document indexing and routing, we have the right workflow automation solution for you.

Consider these automated workflow benefits for your business

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Save Time By Automating Manual Tasks:

Gain a competitive edge by automating tasks that take up too much time and too many resources, such as Bates stamping, redaction, grading classroom tests and more.
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Reduce Labor Costs:

Addressing budget constraints and the need to do more with less, our automation solutions optimize your productivity and eliminate the need to hire temps to perform manual tasks.
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The Flexibility You Need:

Our document automation application․s modular architecture makes it easy to expand your capabilities as your needs change.
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Safeguard And Secure Documents:

Ensure that your confidential documents are always safe with automated redaction, file conversion to password-protected PDFs, automatic application of copy protection features, etc.
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Speed Data Entry:

Automatically extract key data from documents using zonal OCR and forms processing with pattern-matching technology.
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Easily Share And Access Information:

Direct connectors to document management systems and other cloud storage providers are available, such as SharePoint, OnBase by Hyland, Box, Dropbox, FileAssist, Google Drive, etc.

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