Information Security Services

Information Security Service Offerings

How many stories regarding data breaches do you have to hear about – whether they․re from the news or your industry peers – before you develop an information security strategy that will prevent your organization from being the subject of the next unfortunate tale? Konica Minolta and All Covered have the expertise and can provide your business with the information security services and solutions you need to develop a solid, preventative master plan to keep your operations a step ahead of paralyzing cyberattacks.

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Cyber Security

There․s no hiding your data in your hardware or in the cloud when new fervent vulnerabilities are born every day. We can secure your business․ data to prevent data breaches, hacks and disruption of your operations.

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Physical Security

Protecting your facilities and personnel is critical to the success of your organization. Sleep easier at night with MOBOTIX Intelligent Video Security Solutions on your premises, and, for schools, we have School Watch and Campus Watch for your end-to-end security plan.
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Security Compliance

From HIPAA consulting in healthcare, FERPA adherence in education, FFIEC compliance for financial firms to NIST regulations for government contractors, we․ll help you meet your federal compliance obligations so that you can focus on other critical tasks at hand.
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Document & Data Security

Our bizhub SECURE and other document and data security solutions will greatly increase the integrity and protection of your data that resides in all of the susceptible places inside and outside of your MFP.
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Security eBook
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Security & Your Business
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HIPAA Risk Assessment