School Security Solutions


Some schools and campuses have the latest in educational technology, but in this increasingly dangerous world, January still be using outdated methods of signing in guests, tracking visitors, and keeping unwanted and dangerous visitors out. Those that recognize this problem are turning to our deterrent security solutions for their visitor management systems, door barriers, and security cameras.

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Detect To Protect – Educational facilities have experienced the benefits of the latest video surveillance technology and software solutions offered by Konica Minolta. The SchoolGate Guardian School Visitor Management solution offers unsurpassed security for schools at all grade levels. Utilizing cutting-edge software and real-time identity cross-checking, SchoolGate Guardian can help schools manage visitors seamlessly-while significantly increasing the safety of all staff members and students.

Delay Threats – With the innovative Classroom Guardian door barrier, a class can be protected with a quick-to-install, spring loaded barrier that teachers can lock into a door mount. The strong yet lightweight device can be installed within the American․s with Disabilities Act compliant height range, and can be securely disengaged from the hallway by first responders or administrators to comply with fire codes via a proprietary tamper-proof device.

Cyber Secure – Konica Minolta․s IT Services division, All Covered’s Education Technology Assessments analyze and assess the state of student information in order to protect valuable data, enhance privacy, and detect internal and external threats. Protect your electronic documents with bizhub Secure Platinum in compliance with FERPA and the Common Criteria ISO 15408 EAL security certification standards.

Consider these benefits of our school security solutions

End-To-End Security Solutions
Our comprehensive solutions cover you from the hallway to the playground to the parking lot. It’s peace of mind all in one place.

Implement Where You Need
The Classroom Guardian Door Barriers are affordable and universal devices that will effectively barricade classrooms in emergencies.

Visitor Logging & Tracking
The SchoolGate Guardian software quickly scans any state-issued ID or license, time stamps the visit, and automatically archives all details of the visit.

Automatic Sex Offender Check
When a visitor․s ID or license is scanned, they are immediately compared against a national database of over 700,000 registered sex offenders.

Quick Alerts
With the push of a button, text or email a pre-set contact list in different emergency situations.

Custom Unwanted Visitor Registry
From parents with restraining orders to expelled students or community threats, create your custom unwanted visitor list and have staff alerted to their presence.

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Classroom Guardian
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