Technology Support Services

Go with a services partner that understands your unique business needs.

Rapid technological advancements lead to growing pains as enterprises try to keep up: companies have difficulty determining what technology will work best for their specific business needs, employees struggle with complicated processes when trying to resolve problems, and time spent managing and maintaining devices gets in the way of employee productivity.

The right services partner can help enterprises put the right technologies in place, optimize these technologies, simplify device management for employees and save employees time with proactive support.

In addition to helping your company improve printer and multifunction printer (MFP) performance, the RICOH Technology Services team can provide service and support for a variety of technologies, including:

  • IT Management & Support Services that help keep you up and running.
  • Intelligent Lockers that streamline enterprise mail services, improve workplace productivity and enhance inventory control.
  • Interactive Whiteboards and other collaboration tools that enhance company-wide communication.
  • Virtual Self-Service Holograms and Virtual Reception Services that help improve customer service.

These are just a few of the technologies that our services and consulting team can deploy, maintain and help you use effectively.

technology support, Ricoh, Automated Business Machines

Put the right solutions in place

Optimize technologies across your enterprise to meet your unique business needs
Technology Support Services, Ricoh, Automated Business Machines

To maximize efficiency and stay ahead of the competition, you need to use the latest technology in a way that gives your company a strategic advantage within your industry. No matter what industry your company serves, there are a number of technology solutions available that can help you accomplish more, comply with industry regulations, provide security compliance and protect proprietary information.

We can work with you to get a solid understanding of your unique business environment — from local area networks to your entire technological infrastructure. Once you’re set up with technology that makes sense for your business and industry, we provide support to help keep all areas of your business up and running, so your team can stay productive.

Plus, as a part of our Technology Services, our Service Advantage team can help you deliver quality services that lead to improved customer satisfaction by leveraging our expert staff — including 25,000 trained field technicians around the globe — as well as additional resources.

Simplify device management for employees

Provide intuitive technical support that helps employees maximize uptime
You can easily access our technical support and services in a way that you and your team prefer — employees have access to a comprehensive suite of technical services on the web, on your devices, on the phone or onsite — helping you to simplify troubleshooting, streamline device management and maximize uptime.

On the web: is an intuitive website that saves employees time by letting them chat with knowledgeable service representatives, conveniently place and track orders and more. Plus, you can easily stay on top of device maintenance with a number of tools — including an online help center, how-to videos and a user-friendly knowledge base. Ricoh also makes it easy for employees to download device drivers, schedule and track service requests, and utilize other self-help tools. Plus, with RICOH @Remote Office NX — an intelligent remote management system — employees can manage your devices remotely from a web-based portal for added convenience.

On your devices:

Your employees can diagnose device issues directly from your Ricoh MFPs․ and printers․ Smart Operation Panels with how-to videos, real-time remote services, automated alerts and self-help tools1 — so you can keep print, scan, copy and fax processes running smoothly. And with the free Service Request App, troubleshooting devices directly from their intuitive SOP touchscreens is quick and convenient.

On the phone:

For employees who prefer resolving issues over the phone, 2 our service representatives have the background and expertise to help with even the most complex issues and are available 24/7. RICOH Technology Services implements a patented support process to place users with the right agent during the first call to help resolve concerns quickly — saving you time and reducing interruptions to business workflows.


When an onsite visit is required to resolve a technical issue, we have service operations worldwide. This broad global coverage enables us to dispatch service professionals quickly — generally from four to six hours3 — so you and your team can keep work moving. In addition, at our Ricoh Managed Service Support Center (RMSSC), we use remote technologies to improve field team responsiveness when your service representative determines a technician needs to be dispatched.

Our tenured, certified team of experts can also onboard and train your employees to help ease the transition when you introduce new technology. It․s all part of our approach to providing and maintaining the right technology solutions when you need them, where you want them and how you prefer to use them.

Save employees time with proactive support

Take a proactive approach to your business․s continued success

As part of our Technology Services, we provide Predictive Maintenance — a proactive approach to maintaining your equipment and software that gives our team high visibility into your technology for quick diagnoses and resolutions. We also provide escalation support to engage engineering level staff in real-time if an issue requires higher-level assistance for more complex issues. This helps us to minimize interruptions and keep you up and running, so your team can stay productive.

Our Advanced Remote Mobile System gives our mobile team the ability to access your Ricoh MFP and printer data — including error history, PM counters, firmware version history and basic machine information — from their laptops, tablets and smartphones, anywhere, anytime. This provides your service professional with the right knowledge, tools and parts needed prior to an onsite visit — increasing the likelihood of a first-time fix, and saving you and your team valuable time with fewer interruptions. Plus, with automatic notifications, our team can spot potential issues and show up to preemptively resolve them without the need for anyone on your team to request a service call.

mobile devices, Ricoh, Automated Business Machines
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With ongoing education, certifications and experience working in a variety of enterprise environments, your Ricoh service professionals have the right combination of knowledge and resources to help keep your business moving forward. Our state-of-the-art training facility in Tucker, Georgia, is just one of eighteen training centers where we invest in the latest techniques in computer-based, live instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training, diagnostics and troubleshooting — providing our team with the ability to resolve complex technical issues quickly so you can stay focused on mission-critical business.