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In many business settings the office printer is seen as an irritation, tentatively approached by employees. This hesitation to print is caused by the fear of paper jams and machine breakdowns, as well as the strict limitations often set by “green” office initiatives. So many users access the same devices on a daily basis, and many are impatient. Studies show that malfunctioning office equipment can quickly lead to poor morale. When a printer fails to perform as expected, both employee morale and productivity take a hit. Frequent paper jams cause aggravation, and machine breakdowns can bring productivity to a complete halt. RISO Inkjet technology offers the perfect solution for any office in need of a more reliable printing device.

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While traditional toner-based technologies use heat to melt the toner onto the page, the output from a RISO Inkjet is always cold, flat and dry. This makes RISO devices incredibly environmentally friendly, using 90% less energy than toner devices and producing fewer emissions and silica dust. Truly the ideal printer for a greener office. The heatless technology relies on fewer moving parts and eliminates static and paper curling, making paper jams a rarity. Inkjet technology also makes color printing an affordable option at less than 2 cents per page, a fraction of the price of color toner.

With a remarkable duty cycle of 500,000 impressions and a user-friendly intuitive interface offering varying levels of permission and security, RISO Inkjet devices take the headaches out of office printing. And all at up to 160 impressions per minute, simplex or duplex.

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