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Cloud Portal Office (CPO) is an award-winning content management service that provides a convenient way for you to seamlessly capture, index and archive both paper and electronic documents in a single repository. Most importantly, IT administrators can manage and control user access in order to safeguard company data. You can also connect to your business content and easily share and collaborate with team members, whether remotely or during in-person conferences.
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CPO Security White Paper
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Capture and Store Documents!

Scan and archive hardcopy documents directly from your Sharp OSA-enabled MFP to the same location as your digital files. With Indexing from the desktop or the MFP, easily retrieve any of those documents later, either in the office or on the go. You can even print PDFs and image files directly from the MFP.

Control Your Business Content!

Cloud Portal Office provides more granular control of stored content with enhanced folder sharing. You can set permissions by user or group to share as much or as little as you like. Built for business, IT Administrators can control access, manage users, reset passwords and more. The CPO Mobile app is also compatible with MobileIron․s enterprise mobility management platform which provides remote wipe capabilities through its "Retire Device"* feature.

Conference with Confidence!

Be a star in the conference room. No laptop required! Simply sign in and quickly access your meeting materials on your AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System. Generate temporary guest credentials so meeting attendees can share their materials. And when you․re done, your content leaves with you.

Connect From Virtually Anywhere!

Access your business documents whether you are at the office, at home, at the airport, etc. from your computer, tablet or smart phone. "On-the-go" access to your stuff allows you to stay connected so you can continue to work uninterrupted. Simply said, it helps maximize the productivity of an increasingly mobile workforce.

Collaborate Seamlessly!

Whether working together on a common goal or simply sharing information, CPO improves project collaboration and teamwork. Quickly share folders with individual CPO users or share files by emailing a link to anyone around the world.

Cloud Portal Office Includes a Suite of Software

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  • Flexible content management
  • Tighter control over who can access, edit and share your files
  • Reduced storage costs
  • “On-the-go” access to stored content
  • Quickly share meeting materials at the AQUOS BOARD display
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