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Let our digital signage masters help your school communicate better with a customized solution. Deliver engaging interactive experiences using the latest touch-screen technology with Virtuoso. You can control and manage all time-sensitive information with a single set of tools from a single location. Notify students and staff and promote events and products anywhere on campus with digital signage.

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Speed up the Loan Process

We can help you avoid getting stalled by paperwork with instant document access that allows you to speed up loan processing, underwriting, issuance and administration. Get an accurate overview of loan processing metrics with real-time, comprehensive reporting so you know where to focus your resources.

Contract Management Made Easy

We can help make contract work easier. With simplified capturing, review and approval of contracts, we can help you save valuable time and resources. Our masters can even help you allow the right members of your staff to access the most recent versions of contracts any time from anywhere.

Reduce Paperwork, Increase Compliance

Our masters can help you remove the tedium from mergers and acquisitions, eliminating the paper along with the paperwork. Access and share critical information more quickly and securely with Toshiba. Tracking and administering the access and storage of corporate documents is made easier with our Capture and Workflow solution.

Manage Records From Anywhere

Make it easy for your staff members to access customer records any time, from any location. With full-text search capabilities and a secure electronic repository, only authorized users can access records. Capture documentation key to your operations, including:
- Corporate treasury service contracts
- ACH payment authorizations
- Vendor agreements
- Check21 image exchange agreements

Engage with Digital Signage

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Take advantage of the captive audience inside your bank, and at the drive thru, with Toshiba․s dynamic line of digital signage solutions. Deliver impressive messages to all the right people with Virtuoso, using the latest touch touch-screen digital technology. Engage with your customers anywhere—in the lobby, behind tellers, transactional self-service kiosks or drive-thru displays. Use digital signage to do anything you need, including:

  • Promote products and services
  • Wayfinding
  • Display rates and quotes
  • Display events and daily meetings
  • Train employees
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Improve Security - Keep Information Safe and Secure

Toshiba understands that security is critical in your line of business. Don․t let an unsecured environment leave your financial institution at risk for theft or abuse. Our masters can ensure your documents are safe and secure with a number of security services for safe printing.

Assess Vulnerability - Security Assessment

Our Encompass Security Vulnerability Assessment program utilizes trained and certified experts. Our masters will analyze and assess your device, fleet, and enterprise document security as well as points of vulnerability within your financial institution. Upon analysis of every possible security risk, we will provide you with a detailed security plan, then help you implement that plan. Toshiba․s assessment will:

  • Identify security risks in your print environment
  • Safeguard sensitive data
  • Control access to devices and documents
  • Ensure compliance with regulations such as HIPPA, FERPA, and Sarbanes-Oxley

Toshiba can also develop programs and processes to ensure your devices, access points and documents are all secure from the day you integrate them into your offices to the day you retire them.

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Green Solutions

At Toshiba, we believe in investing in the environment. That․s why we offer effective solutions to help your financial institution reduce its environmental impact—from software and products that save paper to recycling of used toner. Our masters will uncover your areas of waste, and provide highly efficient and easily implemented solutions so you can go green.
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