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Our trained team of business masters will provide an accurate assessment of your current situation by evaluating your entire fleet of devices, your culture and your processes. To ensure the strategy will work best for you, we will address your cost targets, seek out opportunities for device consolidation, and evaluate issues such as distributed versus centralized print, document workflow, security and energy and waste reduction.


Once the strategy is developed, our implementation team will create a focused order-to-delivery plan. Overseen by a project manager, the plan coordinates national and local service teams to help identify machine setup requirements and develop your training plans and materials. To support this phase, we utilize all collected data to establish user roles/permissions, create catalogs and assess data and reporting requirements.
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We will put these strategies into action in five stages—executing the plan, meeting commitments, making mid-course corrections, measuring customer satisfaction and reviewing the program. Regular account reviews ensure our solution continues to deliver cost savings and productivity improvement