Toshiba - Together Information

What is Together Information?

Together Information is Toshiba’s vision for how people and organizations create, record, share, manage and display ideas and data. It is based on our belief that the most successful organizations are those that communicate information in the most effective way.


Ensuring customer satisfaction is by no means complete at the point of transaction. We aim to maintain an open dialogue with customers, responding to queries and comments swiftly and efficiently, then using that feedback to develop and improve our solutions. We can deploy high-level technicians and engineers directly to customer locations, swiftly providing assistance at the source. Alternatively, we can check and assist devices remotely, providing an even faster response to any customer requirement.
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Our customer relationships are crucial to our long-term success. That․s why we make sure existing customers remain a key priority long after they․ve purchased our products. Our customer support services are designed to ensure that productivity and operation uptime remain at the highest possible rate and that customer needs are fully catered to.


Our eco-managed document service (eco-MDS) is designed to streamline the document process from start to finish, including data capture, archiving, document workflow, data security and environmental management. In line with our eco strategy, we audit customers․ printing and document management devices in order to determine total cost of ownership before creating and implementing solutions that drive down costs and streamline operations. We then offer ongoing management of these solutions, including regular reviews to ensure that the processes put in place continue to provide businesses with a return on investment. We offer a range of security services to ensure customers․ sensitive information is treated with the utmost care. Features that include data encryption, overwrite and wiping mean that customers can be confident that their confidential data will always remain secure.