Solutions - Document Format Conversion

Umango Convert is a document conversion and routing utility that runs as a Windows Service.

Documents are triggered from MFP’s, email attachments or network folders and converted into a range of document formats (docx, xlsx, searchable pdf/a etc) then routed into network folders or a range of office products.

Umango can offset your organization’s per user software and support costs by offering one centralized point for file conversion.

Embedded Options

Whether it’s a multifunction photocopier device, a scanner or a mobile phone or tablet we can embed the Umango functionality on the device. All the rich Umango features become available to you no matter where you’re creating documents, scanning or profiling!

Ease Of Use

Getting the balance right between features and ease of use is of premium importance to us. Software should be a pleasure to use and enable you to carry out tasks with a minimum of training. Our customers tell us just that…

Rich Features

We work hard to add the right features in ways that compliment our product’s renown for its ease of use.
  • Supports multiple conversion jobs running at the same time
  • Option to run as a Windows service in the background
  • Watch folders and import images/documents as they appear in a folder
  • Support for importing virtually any image file format
  • Use existing filenames and directory structures or specify automated file naming rules
  • Option to delete blank pages from your documents as part of the conversion process
  • Support for document separators
  • Convert files in unlimited sub directory depths and recreate the directory structures as part of the file conversion process
  • Output to a wide variety of file formats including TIFF, PDF/A, Text Searchable PDF, DOCX and XLSX
  • Real-time feedback with page thumbnail views during conversion process
  • Job and session logging of file conversion history
  • No per document license fees
  • Simple to install, setup and use. You’ll be running jobs within minutes of installation
  • Ships with full OCR functionality included at no extra cost