Vertical Solutions - Education

Handling student paperwork, student enrolments and all the paperwork around school administration can be a real challenge. Retyping information for minor alterations can also be time consuming.

Umango for Document Conversion

Umango is a powerful yet easy to configure and use file conversion utility. Using the setup wizard select the source of files you want to convert (there’s lots of file formats to choose from), existing folders and even scan documents from your supported MFP. Umango can convert image files back into re-keyed text (OCR) Word, Excel and even text searchable PDF/A. The searchable PDF/A format allows you to search for a word or phrase within your converted documents.

Converted files can then be saved to a network location, to an email address, FTP or to a wide variety of document management systems ready for you to use.

Umango for Scanning and Data Extraction

Umango is a powerful, easy to use bulk document scanning solution. Umango allows you to create rules around the information you want to extract from your scanned paperwork or captured images and then uses this information to name, file and push it into a wide range of document management systems and destinations.


Let say we have a huge amount of student enrolment paperwork. With Umango we can easily create a job around capturing the student surname, first name and date of birth (DOB). Using the separator sheets we can scan large quantities of paperwork using our preferred high speed scanner (using the TWAIN or ISIS driver) or our multi-function printer (MFP). The paperwork will be imaged, separated into each document and the student information read, extracted and where necessary prompts for the teacher or administrator to check the accuracy of the information on screen at the P.C, tablet, mobile or the touch screen of the MFP. When the batches of document are processed the information extracted can be used to name the files, create directories and pushed into a wide range of databases for later search and retrieval.

Relevant Features

  • Create workflows
  • Creates a set of standards for your staff to scan and process documents using a set of business rules
  • Turns both paper documents and electronic files into digitized content that can be searched and located efficiently
  • Deploy across copiers, mobile phones, tablets, dedicated document scanners and MFPs from leading manufacturers
  • Take photos on your mobile or tablet and quickly be able to profile the information and upload to your business systems
  • With supported MFD’s allows you to view the extracted information at the touch screen of the device (profile on device ‘POD’)
  • Speed up the locating and processing of paper based information quickly and easily
  • Helps turn manual business processes into electronic document workflows
  • Reduces bottlenecks by allowing information and images to be profiled and pushed to business system quickly and easily. Provides a set of ‘guidelines’ for all staff to process their information and images

Relevant Features

  • Scan, index, and save documents using supported digital copiers, and a wide range of dedicated document scanners
  • Scan, preview, index, and save using supported MFP’s
  • Speed up extracting data from documents using OCR, barcodes and key from the image whilst viewing the electronic image
  • Profile scanned documents from you P.C, MFP, tablet and mobile phone
  • Capture images from mobile devices and enter business information on the fly
  • Supports document separator sheets that allow the bulk scanning of documentation at the full mechanical speed of the scanning devices