Evaluate your potential MPS partners using these 16 critical questions.

Every managed print services vendor says they’re the best. But how do you know which one is right for you? Only a thorough evaluation will tell.

Does the provider have the experience, resources and capabilities to get buy-in from all levels and departments? Do they have past examples of how they helped get everyone on board?

Do they have dedicated assessment software as well as methodologies to perform a comprehensive investigation? Does the provider develop a road map to move to an ideal state?

Will savings be easily identified and accurately reported? Can I personally track cost reductions through a client dashboard? Will the provider be able to tell me when, where and how cost reductions occur?

Does the provider have recognized experience in all three of these critically important yet very different areas of your organization?

What technology, services or strategies provide ongoing sustainability efforts like energy efficiency and print reduction? Do they offer different levels of energy management solutions?

How do they ensure that the transition to the ideal print environment state is smooth?

Do they have the software, technology and knowhow to help protect your organization’s data and intellectual property?

Do they have a solution that integrates with the cloud, secures mobile workers and supports mobile print? How has the provider improved their clients’ mobile capabilities in the past?

What software and technology do they offer to simplify and streamline workflows? What role will automation play?

What analytics, reporting or insight tools do they provide to increase oversight and visibility?

Can they demonstrate experience delivering MPS solutions? Do they have any third-party industry recognition? What does their client list look like?

How do they support an organization’s long-term goals and focus on wider initiatives beyond cost savings?

What manufacturers do they support? What percentage of the equipment they currently manage under contract is competitive equipment?

What strategies do they have in place to address potential scalability and growth? Is scaling my offering up and down easy? Do they have examples of when they were able to be flexible with an offering for past clients?

It might sound counterintuitive, but do they have real digital alternatives that help you print less and be more efficient with digital documents?

MPS is no minor step forward. It has the potential to accelerate your business and take your organization to another level. Asking the tough questions now will help you realize that potential down the line.

Download these questions as a printable checklist, so you can come prepared to your next MPS meeting and land the best partner for your organization.