Xerox Paper & Specialty Media
Better choices. Better results. From great paper to specialty applications...
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Xerox® Paper & Specialty Media Products have been organized into three product families
to help you make better paper choices based on your usage and project needs.

Xerox Bold Professional Papers

Whether it’s used for your bosses weekly report, an important sales pitch, or a slick promotional piece, Xerox® Bold Professional® office and Bold Digital® printing papers give you the high performance paper you need to present all your ideas in the best possible light.

Brighter, whiter, and thicker, Xerox® Bold Professional® Premium Quality Printer Papers are perfect for important documents like presentations, proposals, and reports, as well as graphs, charts, or images.

Engineered for digital color printing and featuring an extra smooth surface and high brightness, Xerox® Bold Digital® Printing Papers will make your premium color copies, high-end marketing collateral and promotional materials stand out.

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Xerox Paper, multipurpose, Vitality, Automated Business Machines

Xerox Vitality Papers

High quality and digitally optimized, Xerox® Vitality® papers are just what you need to get the job done efficiently…and get it done right.  

Whether you․re a professional printer, buying for the whole office, making 500 copies, laser printing at work, or using a desktop printer in your home office, you know you can always expect better results on Xerox® Vitality® paper.

Xerox Revolution Papers

The Revolution® line offers a full range of specialty paper designed to give you the flexibility to efficiently build your own business, or to provide effective, interesting and customizable marketing tools to your customers. Made for printers and small businesses alike, Revolution® products are perfect for when what you need is “more than paper.” These great business-building tools are printable and customizable, and can be a key part of growing your business, and your bottom line.

Never Tear Papers are great for: ․ Menus ․ Signs ․ Tags ․ Manuals ․ Maps ․ Posters ․ Guides
Carbonless Papers are ideal for: ․ Estimates ․ Invoices ․ Forms ․ Policies ․ Agreements
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