Xerox Service & Support
Learn all about our powerful service & support network.

The personal attention you deserve. The quality results you expect.

With any investment, your business wants to maximize results. That․s why Xerox․s worldwide support network of people, processes and technology exists. Our mission: assure that your Xerox technology investment pays off. We are at your service where you need us, when you need us, the way you need us. Dedicated to keeping your business running, we deliver the personal attention you deserve for the quality results you expect. Superior support behind your Xerox solution.
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Comprehensive Support Network

  • Delivers global knowledge at local point of need.
  • Provides access to Xerox system specialists, industry and IT partners.
  • Links support all the way back to the design engineers.
  • Provides continuous technology upgrades and improvements.

Embedded Device Diagnostics

  • Dedicated customer call centers with first and second-level technical support.
  • Online interactive support via the Web.
  • Dispatched on-site service engineers.

24/7 Customer Support—On Call, Online, On-Site

  • Predicts potential problems before they occur.
  • Enables proactive response to avoid downtime.
  • Assists to speed problem resolution.

Global Knowledge Sharing

  • Collaborative technical database delivers up-to-the-minute worldwide information at point of need.
  • Provides instant access to latest technical solutions and innovations.

Skilled Customer Service Engineers

  • Industry, network and manufacturer-certified professionals.
  • Extensive and ongoing training.

Dedicated Accounts for Each Customer Service Engineer

  • Provides personal customer relationships.
  • Develops in-depth knowledge of your unique requirements.

Service Technology Tools

  • Service engineers are connected through wireless laptops and local radio service networks.
  • Remote call dispatching delivers speedy call response.

The support system behind every Xerox solution: uniquely capable…uniquely Xerox.

Our business depends on helping your business do great work. That․s why Xerox invests in delivering support whose breadth and depth is unmatched in the industry.

Whether your business is small and local, or large and global, your technology investment deserves the reliable protection only Xerox support provides.

It․s what you expect. It․s what we deliver.